Art Submission Guidelines

Do you create faerie, maermaid, goddess or other related fantasy art?
Would you like to see your works in a gallery of your own here?

There are a few simple guidelines to follow if you would like to see your art in the gallery, it may look like a long list but these are things you should do for your body of work anyways.

1. You must fill out all the information correctly and have a working email address (please double check it).

2. You must have a place where I can view your work. There are many free places you can post your art. Such as flickr, photo bucket, DeviantArt (which is a really good place to post), etc. The reason you need to have this is so I can view your art before I decide if I want to accept your work or not. I do not want it emailed to me.

3. You must have at least 6 good works of art.

4. The works need to be a good resolution and good size, at least 150 dpi, higher is better. Your works will represent you on this site, it shows your talents. So I will not be posting blurry or bad images.

5. I need a write up about you and your artwork in general. For example some things you can talk about are your inspirations, your dreams/goals, your past and experiences, what you want your viewers to know, how you create your art, the sort of things you make. Remember you are promoting yourself so the more you write about the better. You can include this in the comments box if it isn’t available else where.

6. Every work of art must have a title.

7. Every work of art must have a write up, materials used and the year created. It can be about the subject matter, what it’s made from, how you made it, where the idea came from, etc. It doesn’t have to be super long but it needs to have something.

8. Every image must be watermarked, I will not be doing this for you. The idea is to prevent theft of the image. But don’t make it so big and ugly it ruins the work of art.

9. If you have a picture of yourself that you want to go in the gallery please have that uploaded as well. You do not have to have one though.

10. If you have a website or galleries where your work is already posted, please include the URL in the comment box, I will add it to your profile on the site.

11. If you are chosen for a gallery I will email you and let you know (hence why your email address needs to be correct).

12. If you are not chosen for a gallery, do not take this personally, your work might not be ready for the gallery. You might not have enough images or you need more experience. There are many possible reasons for this. But I will email you and let you know what you can do about it. You can always resubmit in the future when you are ready.

Ready to submit? Head over here!

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