T.L. Baumhardt Fairy Art

The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous traditional fairy art of T.L. Baumhardt!

T.L. Baumhardt

T.L. Baumhardt

Fairy Artist

Most of the work that I do as an artist is inspired by nature and the whisperings of the faerie folk. I love to spend time exploring our local woodlands and lakes, as well as cottage garden. It is important to me as an artist to share my love of nature and faeries with others – it is what drives me to create.

I often start each piece with an idea of what I\\\’d like to include, and then just allow it to evolve naturally as I work (which sometimes goes smoothly and other times not, but I suppose that is the nature of the work.) I work mostly in pencil, watercolour, and gouache, preferring Winsor and Newton watercolours and Arches watercolour paper.

I currently live in Petoskey, Michigan, located in Michigan\\\’s northern lower peninsula in the U.S., with my husband and two children.

I hope you enjoy viewing my art and will connect with me!

Wishing you many blessings,

T.L. Baumhardt

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