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The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous traditional fairy art of Susan Rodio!

Susan Rodio

Susan Rodio

Fairy Artist

My work is painted by hand using acrylic paints on canvas. My work consists of images inspired by nature, mythology, symbolism, the female form and the unseen. I have been displaying my work online since 2006 and have had my work published in international magazines as well as a 2010 Fairy Art Calendar alongside other internationally known artists such as Josephine Wall & Linda Ravenscroft. I have also been selling prints and other products made from my original paintings online for the last 18 months.

Since a very young age I have been drawing and painting and making a variety of art. After completing High School, all I wanted to do was continue making art so I studied and completed a 3 year Diploma of Fine Arts in Sydney in 1996.

I majored in Studio Painting but it also gave me experience in Etching, Black and White Photography, and Sculpture.

I had my first group exhibition in Sydney in 1996 which was a great experience.

In 1999 I moved to Newcastle, NSW where I lived for 5 years and in 2001 I started my own Art Business selling my own original hand made Greeting Cards and Gift Tags to local Boutique Gift Stores which I continued until 2003, at which point I left Newcastle and moved back to my home of Sydney.

Seeking a new start and not sure what direction to go in, I worked in various jobs from a dishwasher to a recruitment consultant in the corporate world in order to get by while my art took a back seat for a little while. However I could not ignore the strong feeling inside that something was missing I was not content on a mainstream path as I knew the only real satisfaction I had experienced in regards to work was with my work as an artist. I believe it is important to follow your passion in life whatever form that takes, in order to experience a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

These days I am grateful to be able to spend more time on my Art and work a day job part time.

I have always been fascinated by the use of colour, light and luminosity as well as the effects of light and shadow. I am also greatly inspired by nature, mythology, astrology, spirituality, archetypal imagery and well as symbolism and dreams.

Art is truly a therapy for me a way to connect to my higher self through colour and seeing an image come to life from the initial vision, to the final result.

Many different artists inspire me, some include Josephine Wall and Judy Mastrangelo, Sara M Butcher, Brian Froud, David Delamere, Maxine Gadd, Lisa Hunt, Constable, Van Gogh, Klimt, Edward Robert Hughes (Pre- Raphaelites and Romanticism) Jonathon Earl Bowser, Catherine Andrews and Howard David Johnson.


Susan Rodio
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