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The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous watercolor fairy art of Sarah Seiter!

Sarah Seiter

Sarah Seiter

Fairy Artist

Born and raised in Utah, I have always enjoyed things related to fantasy. My aunts influenced my choice to become an artist through their own fantasy art, which I have always admired and hoped to be able to do someday. I often was discouraged as I grew. The things I drew on paper did not look at all like the beautiful images I could see in my head, I just could not seem to get my hand and mind to work together. My mother would tell me often that the only way to become like my aunts would be to practice, never to give up just because it was hard and took a long time. Even though I dreaded to hear that annoying line, “Practice makes perfect”, I listened to my mother and now thank her endlessly for her encouragement. Finally, after many years of practice, I feel that my hand and mind are at last in near perfect harmony.

I joined a community of amateur artists called Elfwood on the Internet in 1998, and since then I have had a few web pages and currently have a gallery at

Through the net, I have completed many commissioned art pieces and sold many prints of my existing art.

I discovered ball-jointed dolls around the year 2005 and fell in love with them. It was a few years later that I decided to try my had at making my own dolls. I have a blog where I post work-in-progress pictures and some ramblings of the artistic sort :)

I also have a gallery of my dolls in progress and random items for sale at

My hope is to rekindle the dreams which many people lose as they grow older. I wish to be an encouragement and example for beginning artists who are just now taking up the pencil, and even the ones who have been at it for years. My desire is to help others to reach a state where they can express themselves on paper as I do, to share their dreams and imaginations with others for the benefit of all.

I now live in Provo, Utah, with my husband and three young children. I spend most of my free time enjoying my family, sketching ideas for future art or dolls or sculpting while watching a favorite movie (The Last Unicorn, Willow, Stardust, etc.) or listening to some good music. I also enjoy entering costume competitions and belly dancing with some lady friends whenever possible.

Through my experiences I have found that practice seldom makes perfect. For as you practice, you will discover that no matter how expert you become at something, there is always room for improvement. You will never know what talents you have been blessed with until you have spent the time and effort to really give them a try and a chance to grow. You cannot say you have really tried something until you have suffered several (often closer one hundred) failures before giving up. If you are not willing to wade through possible discouragement and frustration to reach your goal, your dream will sink down into the depths of oblivion, never to be shared. Let yourself discover the gifts that are within you, do not hold yourself back with thoughts of ‘It is too hard’, ‘I am not good enough’, or ‘I cannot do it’. If you want to bad enough, you can do anything!


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