Sarah Pauline Fairy Art

The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous watercolor fairy art of Sarah Pauline!

Sarah Pauline

Sarah Pauline

Fairy Artist

I have been entranced by fantasy imagery and literature since early childhood and all my artwork is, basically, about creating a sense of magic. My noncommissioned work is concerned with personal themes and escapes from the day to day. Stylistically my art is best described as “imaginative and playful.” My work is intentionally infused with a sense of the mystical or dreamlike and not always symbolic in content however sometimes I attempt to investigate layers of meaning but include an immediate initial subjective or emotional impression. I try to use accessible, understandable characters and settings. I often like to create series works to further explore themes in my life, or in the lives of my friends and family. These are not always representational, sometimes using color or mood.

Common themes of my work are the investigation of ‘truth’ and what that represents and how it is also illusion. In other words, is the physical representation very often a true representation of what something is? Is something beautiful because of how it looks? I like to explore these ideas visually using themes of commonly recognized characters. The ‘Horseflies’ series is at its most basic, about the sense of peace and joy I feel as I spend time with my horses. I like the idea of finding the playful child inside us and embracing happiness where we can find it. How do we define ‘magic’? Isn’t something real because it exists, even if only in our dreams? After all, we can fly off to wonderland on the wings of any obliging fairy!

Sarah Pauline shares her St. Paul home with her eleven year old son, Tristan, 13 birds, a gecko named Gunther, a toad named Trevor and some wicked brownies who are always stealing Tristan’s homework and Sarah’s car keys.


Sarah Pauline

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