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The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous traditional fairy art of Sandy Brooks!

Sandy Brooks

Sandy Brooks

Fairy Artist

I was born in September of 1971 in Cincinnati, Ohio. I still live in Ohio with my Husband Jason & children Sammy, Shawn, Memphis and Salem.

I started drawing when I was a very little girl; I don’t ever remember a time when I wasn’t drawing. I would use anything that would make a mark and any thing was my canvas. Needless to say nothing was safe, not even the walls. My Mother was not very happy about me drawing, but I would do it anyway. I couldn’t help it; it was something I just had to do. So I would sneak off and hide in the closet with my note book pad and I would draw all the time.

When I started school, my favorite subject was Art (of course) and I would look forward to Art class more than anything. To learn as much as possible about drawing and painting was my goal. When I reached middle school, I met the most amazing Art Teacher Miss Kidd. She gave me the courage to keep drawing. I won my first art awards when I entered the Art Fair at school and won 1st, 2nd & 3rd and was just blown away. I started drawing Portraits at the age of 9 and found a profound interest in drawing people. I then entered a portrait of my Nephew when he was a baby, into the University of Cincinnati Art Show and won an award for gifted student.

I am a self-taught Artist & I have had no formal art training. I work mostly in a medium of Graphite and Charcoal. My colored pieces are done with color pencils, inks, acrylics and watercolors. I really do love to experiment with other mediums. My style is realism; I specialize in portraits and fantasy. I love drawing anything to do with Fairy Tales, Mythology, Folklore, Legends or anything that inspires me. I have also done some Automotive Airbrushing and have had some of my work win best of show and some motorcycles win best paint job or best in there class. I no longer do any automotive airbrushing, due to the fumes and the danger’s with the automotive paint.

I have been drawing & painting for over 25 years and have sold piece’s world wide. I have attempted several styles of art and worked with my Husband for years painting. But I was never really happy until I starting reading and teaching myself new techniques with graphite and seeing how real looking things could be. That is when I really found my own style and opened my new website.

I would love to thank my family, friends and especially my fans for all the love and support they have given me in the many years of drawing.

Light & Love,



Sandy Brooks

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