Pamela Fessel Fairy Art

The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous sculptural fairy art of Pamela Fessel!

Pamela Fessel

Pamela Fessel

Fairy Artist

Im primarily a fairy art doll maker, but i do paint and draw them as well. I started out mostly drawing them, and moved to painting, sculpting and then ultimately making them into dolls, which i ended up sticking with because i seem to be able to get a lot out of it, i get to not only paint, but sculpt and design, and in the end its something that a person can touch and hold so the interaction means something to me too. i think thats another main reason i make them as dolls. The look of the fairies is what i think of them to look like, as if they just crawled out from under a leaf pile, perhaps with a few leafs still stuck to them.

Pamela Fessel


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