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The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous watercolor fairy art of Ora Moon!

Ora Moon

Ora Moon

Fairy Artist

Faery’s are all around us! Some are quite visible, others harder to see! I am trying to create images of their world(s) thru my fantasy artwork. I believe in Faery! With each painting I render, I hope to bring back to the world the forgotten places that lay betwixt and between.

I am a self-employed, independent artist. I enjoy painting fantasy-scapes in watercolor that primarily feature Faery! I am open to any free-lance offers such as book illustrations and covers, RPG, fantasy design elements, custom Faery paintings, portraits, children’s art, and graphic design. I have an Associates degree in Cosmetology and am two classes shy of an Associates degree in Horticulture. As a manicurist I spent years rendering nail art both with traditional brush and air-brush. I taught air-brush art classes in San Francisco, CA and Spokane, WA. My studies in horticulture have given me a unique insight into the rendering aspects of flora and fauna. Email me with any offers at: orafaerygirl@yahoo.com

I’ve been drawing off and on for as long as I can remember, though I started painting on paper only a few years ago. I love to challenge my self-taught artistic skills and enjoy rendering my visions with a dedicated and professional passion. I currently live in Byron, Georgia with my husband Fox and our babies; the adorable, highly intelligent Bichi pup, and the lovely but loud Katana, a cockatiel bird. My son lives in Oregon were he attends college! I love to listen to all sorts of music, especially Faery & Pagan music and enjoy watching TV, like the History channel as well as watching various types of movies! I’m addicted to reading, and enjoy a wide variety of Art. Science fiction and Fantasy anything attract me, I love salads, chocolate and coffee. I’ve traveled and lived all around the US and UK; enjoying the medieval fests, Gothic places, Castles, Burgs and the Sacred Sites of the Goddess. I’m of English and Irish decent, my favorite color is Violet/Purple (can you tell? :). My real name is Ora Faery Moon, though I was born Corinne J Morse, I had my name permanently changed a few years ago. I am Wiccan/Pagan and have studied the Old Ways for most of my life, specifically Faery Wicca, though I am a bit eclectic.

That’s about the gist of it for now,
Peace and Love to you :)


Ora Moon

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