Mon Jones Fairy Art

The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous traditional fairy art of Mon Jones!


Mon Jones

Fairy Artist

I am a realist painter that also loves to paint fantasy, fairy art.
My work is done on canvas with oil paint. No acrylic, no water color just pure oil paint. It can take me more than a month to finish a single painting.
I paint both realistic subjects such as still life and landscapes as well as fantasy such as mermaids and fairies. Sometimes I paint more fantasy, sometimes more reality.
Growing up my favorite book was a huge linen bound collection of myths and folk tales from around the world. Now, I am lead by my curiosity of how things work visually, how to represent 3d world on a 2D canvas and of course the story. I think the stories we tell ourselves and others define the world we live in. The images around us, especially those we place in our homes can help to enforce the old stories or help to create new ones. So I try to make my world beautiful and warm and my characters strong and mysterious but well meaning.

Mon Jones

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