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The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous traditional fairy art of Kirstin Mills!

Kirstin Mills

Kirstin Mills

Fairy Artist

Kirstin A. Mills was born into the world on the eleventh of December, 1984. Growing up in rural Sydney, Australia, her artistic abilities showed from an extremely early age, continuing to develop along with her detailed and abundant imagination. Her first ink artwork was sold at an exhibition at the age of just four! This artistic ability expressed itself in almost every way possible, with detailed and imaginative drawings in the borders of early exam papers often taking priority over the answers! From the same age, this artistic flair was coupled with an intense love of stories and literature, and the two have coincided ever since. Seeking the wealth of fantasy, fairytales, legends and mythology that have existed over time, she grew up to pursue her interests into University life, where she completed her honours degree in English Literature, and finally into the public domain as a gifted fantasy artist.

Having received no formal art training during any period of her life, Kirstin’s talent is completely self-taught, spurred on by her love for life, imagination, magic and inspiration, and especially her unstoppable curiosity. She is inspired by many things and has always been one to quickly spot the faeries and goblins peering around trees or the magical little footprints at the bottom of the garden, curious to know more about them. Seeing the world a little bit differently seemed to go hand in hand with its burning desire to be explored and expressed: a desire Kirstin finds hard to ignore. Her artworks are expressive moments along her artistic journey through her imagination and its relationship with the wider world around her: wide-ranging in scope and style, they each represent one of the many facets of Kirstin’s imagination and boundless energy. Delighting in each new discovery of herself and her world through her paintings and drawings, Kirstin continues to record her travels through her world of spirit and to share them with others through her website. Released to the public in mid-2007, this website has allowed Kirstin to connect with souls across the world through her art: a fact that remains continually humbling and inspiring for Kirstin each day. Art and imagination have always been such important parts of Kirstin’s life, and to be able to share them with like-minded souls is truly a blessing for her. Finding her love of creating and crafting answered by the opportunity to create magical gifts and spread some more magic into people’s lives, Kirstin’s dream seemed complete and became a bigger source of enjoyment with each person that began to see and enjoy her work.

Not neglecting her literary passions however, Kirstin carefully balances her visual artistic expression with extensive reading, research and ‘sleuthing’ for her Doctorate degree in English Literature, which she is currently undertaking at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. A large project, involving many hours of treading through imaginary worlds and historical moments (Kirstin’s thesis focuses on dreams and the fantasy genre in the Nineteenth Century), Kirstin finds that this blends in well with her artistic pursuits. The inspiration and driving force behind it all, indeed behind everything Kirstin does in her life, is the same: for Kirstin, it isn’t just about the artworks on the canvas or the words on the page. Seeing life itself as an ever-evolving artwork, she is all about appreciating the art of Life and the magnificent story it has to offer. As her life celebrates art, so her art celebrates this life and its magical energy!


Kirstin Mills

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