Karen Sweetland Fairy Art

The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous watercolor fairy art of Karen Sweetland!

Karen Sweetland

Karen Sweetland

Fairy Artist

Right now I live in Minnesota in the city of Moorhead I was born in California in 1966 and moved out to Minnesota when I was seventeen. I have one sister Nadeen and my Mother Mary that lives in Fargo North Dakota that’s over the river from me.

I’m married to a wonderful husband Scott and have three great children a daughter 19, and twin boys that are 10.

My art, I have been into faeries and dragons since I can remember and always had my head up in the clouds and never thought I would be painting my dreams but here I am.The kitchen table where I do all my painting and sketch at my little drawing table that’s all I have room for. I haven’t had any classes for drawing or painting I just kept at it. I was 12 years old when I started doodling faeries and other fantasy creatures so it’s been a long time.I really didn’t take to painting till about five years ago and now I’m so busy sketching and painting it’s too funny but also enjoyable.

The mediums I use are watercolor paint,salts,No.8 pencils,color pencils,masking fluid,painters tape,hair dryer,many sizes of brushes,eye dropper,and many sizes of watercolor paper.

My favorite colors are Greens,Blues,Golds,Browns,Reds, and with that Pinks.

I love to laugh,chic movies,flowers,good food,music and I have a weird since of music.and I must say I love chocolate.

Some of my favorite artist,Froud for the colors he uses and moods, Meredith Dillman and Nene Thomas I fell in love with there work at a ValleyCon and still love there work,and there is Amy Brown oh my her work inspired me to get to work and get out there.

I love the colors of the Ocean, Mountains, and the deepest green misty Forests. Also,I enjoy a rainy and cloudy day the sound of birds singing and the early morning Sun coming up from her long sleep.

My heart is filled with dreams,colors and sounds that help my pencil sketch and my paint flow.I guess I been drawing since I was a child I have always been in love with the Enchantment of the Faerie Realm and always wanted to sketch them.

Always dreaming,
Karen Sweetland


Karen Sweetland

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