Kajsa Flinkfeldt Fairy Art

The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous watercolor fairy art of Kajsa Flinkfeldt!

Kajsa Flinkfeldt

Kajsa Flinkfeldt

Fairy Artist

Kajsa Flinkfeldt…

… showed her artistic expressions early in life. As a child, she constantly occupied herself with a pencil and a sketch book. Her favorite subject was angels, and she drew them in every shape and form.

As the years went by, her interest in the arts increased, and after ninth grade she spent two years at a school that would preapare her for a future career in the field of art.

At the age of eighteen, Kajsa wanted to see the world, leading her to San Antonio, Texas, as a swedish exchange student. As a High School Senior, she had the opportunity to take several art classes where she learned about painting with acrylics and Berol Prisma Color pencils. Kajsa recieved numerous awards for her art.

The following years Kajsa took many commissions painting children and pets. In 1995 she enrolled at the Umeå University, Sweden. Here, an inspiring teacher opened her eyes to the endless possibilities of watercolours. Later she received her Bachelors degree in Fine Arts.

In 2004, Kajsa discovered the fantastic world of fantasy and fairy art. She paints fairytales and fantasy as often as time allows. To her, it makes her feel almost as if she is back in her child-hood days, painting angels.

Kajsa is now dividing her time between teaching art to students aged 13-15, and free-lancing for some of Swedens, Denmarks and Norways largest weekly magazines.


Kajsa Flinkfeldt

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