Holly Edwards Fairy Art

The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous traditional and digital fairy art of Holly Edwards!

Holly Edwards

Holly Edwards

Fairy Artist

I have always loved fairies and fantasy art. After I got my BFA in 2006 my fantasy and fairy art really took off. I learned as much as I could about digital art, especially photoshop. Photoshop and watercolors are my favorite mediums. I havn’t worked on art lately as I have been focusing on school and jewellery making.

I am influenced by a lot of things. I find other artists to be a huge inspiration, they allow you to challenge yourself, your skills and come up with new ideas. Mythology and fairytales are a great foundation, which I recommend learning about if you love fantasy art, and is something anyone can find inspiration in. I am inspired by my friends and family to improve and push myself to the next level.

My main goals for the future are to concentrate on my career. I want to make my web design, jewelry and my art into a career.

Holly Edwards Art

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