Gabriella Szabo Fairy Art

The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous traditional fairy art of Gabriella Szabo!

Gabriella Szabo

Gabriella Szabo

Fairy Artist

My name is Gabriella Szabo. I’m a Hungarian fairy/fantasy artist from Dublin, I’ve been living here for more than 4 years.

I began to paint about 10 years ago, and never studied the art of drawing, I’m a 100% self-taught artist, my chosen medium is the oil paint. Fantasy’s been always close to my heart, first of all because of the Celtic fairy tales. I love nature , trees, flowers and their tiny protectors.. and as a respect for them I try to create their magical realm on canvas.

My pictures were exhibited in the Expose Yourself Gallery in Dun Laoghaire, the Nora Dunne Gallery, the D4 Hotel, all of them here in Dublin.


Gabriella Szabo

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