Erin Ewer Fairy Art

The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous traditional fairy art of Erin Ewer!

Erin Ewer

Erin Ewer

Fairy Artist

In April 2008 I graduated in the illustration department from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in Denver Colorado. I’ve lived most all of my life in the midwest, but have recently relocated to the east coast. Quite the change, it’s a lot greener here, but I’m adapting just fine to my new surroundings, and I am enjoying my new family with my boyfriend and his two kids.

My artwork is done in mainly watercolor, and very seldom any other media, and no, I do not ink! All of my fine lines are done with watercolor and fine brushes. The only exception is the occasional use of white gouache for corrections or highlights. I paint using mainly Holbien brand watercolors, with a few specific colors from Grumbaucher. I use 140 -160 lb Strathmore or Canson cold press watercolor paper. Ocasionally I will paint on illustration board when I need an extra thickness. I have been painting with watercolors since 2002, before I even found a style. I still love experimenting with new techniques and watercolor will always be my favorite media. I’m currently focused on improving my work and perfecting my style, and I am hoping to reach those goals before the next newyear.


Erin Ewer

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