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The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous fairy art of Debbie Richard!


Debbie Richard

Fairy Artist

My name is Debbie Richard, I have enjoyed many hobbies through the years. In the 1970’s I us crafted sterling silver jewelry, then in the 1980’s I found that I enjoyed making soft sculpture art dolls. When I was involved in the soft sculpture field I used to sell my creations at such arenas as Nassau Coliseum and the Renaissance Fair, in New York, and also taught a few classes at a local craft shop.

After a few years of doing craft shows,the demands of a growing family took all my time. I decided to leave the arts & crafts field and returned to working part time as a hairdresser and as a floral designer. After my children grew to semi adulthood I started to dabble in Oil Painting and Airbrushing. In between these two mediums I found that I also enjoyed stain glass design. I never tried to sculpt with polymer clay when it was first introduced because as a child I made the ugliest ashtrays in camp, so I thought that clay was not for me.

One day while browsing ebay I came across the ooak babies and thought that I would like to try to make one. I have only been working with clay since August of 2004, I love creating mystical creatures and realistic fairies. I have realized that this is a hard medium to work with, it takes time and practice. I don’t use molds or prefabricated designs of any kind.In July of 2005 I was awarded second place in the beginners category of the Prosculpt Scholarship contest for my sculpture titled Samirah. Every one of my sculptures is original and they are a piece of my personality and my heart. I am looking forward to creating many sculptures in the coming years.


Debbie Richard

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