David Delmare Fairy Artist

The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous watercolor fairy art of David Delmare!

David Delmare

David Delmare

Fairy Artist


How long has David Delamare been painting?

All his life. Even as a child he was busy drawing, painting, and writing stories. He was (and is) strongly encouraged by his mother. Una lives just a few blocks away and is still his greatest fan. She keeps a scrapbook of his work, bakes cookies for local gallery openings, and not infrequently drops by with a roast beef sandwich or chicken pot pie. David knew from a very early age that he wanted to be an artist, and has always earned his living through art. In his early years he set up a business painting signs and he occasionally taught art, but he is proud of the fact that he has never had a “real” job.

Can you tell me something about his personal life?

David was born in Leicester, UK but has spent most of his life in Portland, Oregon where he enjoys the cloudy weather. Though he likes to travel, he has never driven a car. He sleeps late and works deep into the night. When he’s not attending films, plays, or concerts he can usually be found at home or strolling in Portland’s Hawthorne District. He’s a bit reclusive and rarely makes public appearances, so if you have an opportunity to see him at a book signing or gallery opening, don’t miss it.


David Delamare

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