Connie D’Angelo DiMichele Fairy Artist

The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous watercolor fairy art of Connie D’Angelo DiMichele!

Connie D'Angelo DiMichele

Connie D'Angelo DiMichele

Fairy Artist

Growing up in the Montreal Canada, I always had the desire to create using some sort of arts and craft form. Drawing, painting, sketching, I can go on forever. . . I am happiest, besides my family, and when I am using my creative side.

My works are all inspired by a wide source of art forms, media and genres. And I always sculpt with feelings and emotions. I tend to sculpt my feelings right into my piece, and been told many of times that every piece I’ve created cries out a story. Every piece I create comes deep from my mind, and soul. I have grown as an artist but continue to grow and learn more, with each and every sculpture that I make. All my PIECES are a One of a Kind

To believe is to CDlite. . .


Connie D’Angelo DiMichele

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