Chasity Ijames Fairy Artist

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Chasity Ijames

Chasity Ijames

Fairy Artist

Tytaniafairy AKA Chasity E. Ijames is a Fantasy And Faerie Photographer living in Florida by the Ocean .

Her inspirations come from real fearie contact with the sub reality .

Etherial pathways have always been a key ingredient in her fantasies and photography .

Growing up in Florida around the oceans and forests surrounding her she always took a special interest in nature and how to preserve it. Having visions from a young age of a world that was far away from our own, yet so close to us if we could only see it through the visions of innocense and capability of belief. She started painting and drawing at a young age as well as taking pictures with her grandfathers camera. She would then put pieces of pictures together with wings and create faeries . When her grandfather asked why, she said this is what she could not capture on camera but rather a different world only seen by people who believed .

Tytania does not only believe in the world she creates but sees it with her heart , which is where the true faerie worlds lye . Some people wonder why they cannot see faeries . Truly I see with my heart not always my eyes .

I discovered long ago faeries are not only little cute things that one can expect to grant wishes and cast magic spells , they are much more than that . they are beings to be learned from and beings that also can be dangerous even if some are beautiful , which is not always the case . They are a multifacited creature and being . I try to emulate this in my works .

Though they are constantly changing from one shape to the other

Currently she lives with her daughter and her three cats in a cottage by the sea, exploring new avenues of fantasy each day .

She has been featured in FAE MAG UK SPRING ISSUE Page below

Tytania is a proffesional photographer who specializes in faerie style photomanipulation .

Ever since I was a child I believed in faeries having had contact with them mind, body and spirit .

”┬áMy work started when I wanted to capture the innocence of youth , and in other art works I wanted to capture the real darkness of that realm . My inspirations have come to me by spirit , artwork I indulged in as a young woman and listening to the lore stories and poems of long ago .”

“All My artwork is soul inspired and I only work with people who truly believe in the magic. I always feel them guiding me along the way through this pathway. This is me and my life is an etherial and sometimes dark pathway which I intend to follow catching peoples dreams along the way.”


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