Carrie Hall Fairy Artist

The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous digital and traditional fairy art of Carrie Hall!

Carrie Hall

Carrie Hall

Fairy Artist

Thirty-three years old (still get carded so that’s a plus), artist, hobbyist writer who aspires for publication. LULU press published a short story of mine in a horror anthology called Erie Tales. For art, I freelance professionally, and you can view my work on Deviant Art.

My genres tend to be on the dark side: horror/fantasy/sci-fi stories, centering on Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, etc..

The original ideas and characters I imagine are researched and written with care; how they will react to a canon character and within the canonverse is a challenge I enjoy undertaking.

My biggest inspirations are Stephen King (he could make the trashman into the most fascinating character you’ve ever read), Joss Whedon (he can mix quirky and dark like no other), and certain shows like BSG (awesome tone, dialogue, characterization), LOST (same reasons as BSG), and any TV show Joss Whedon pens; the Dollhouse being the most recent.


Carrie Hall

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