Caroline O’Neal Fairy Art

The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous watercolor fairy art of Caroline O’Neal!

Caroline O'Neal

Caroline O'Neal

Fairy Artist

Caroline O’Neal was born in Germany by a Greek mother and with an Australian father of Irish/Scottish origin.
She grew up in Geneva, has lived for 13 years in Copenhagen and she is now settled in Neu Ulm (Germany) since spring 2012.
Caroline is a self-taught Artist-Painter and Illustrator, with a fascination for the fantastic and the imaginary since childhood. Mucha, Schwabe, Klimt, Burne-Jones, Beardsley, Rackham, Brom, Dulac, Jim Fitzpatrick and Brian Froud are the artists she admires, amongst others Pre-Raphaelites, Symbolists, Art Nouveau and Dark Fantasy painters/illustrators. She describes her artwork as figurative, inspired by mythical characters (Greek mythology), fairy tales and various legends, with background of nature.
She has completed various illustrations for children\’s books, clothing and games and also for SF-Horror-Fantasy magazines and books.
She has had a number of exhibitions presented in Europe during the mid and late 1990s, in Geneva, France and Demark, the most recent being in March 2010 at the World Horror Convention Art Show in Brighton.
Caroline says her techniques are oil on canvas and drawing with black and colour inks, watercolour pencils & pastels on paper. Both techniques are sometimes supplemented with the addition of various metallic powders, glimmer, synthetic stones, shells, dried seaweed, tissue flowers, feathers, sand, gilt and so on.

Caroline O’Neal


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