The Fairy Art of Brandy Martin

The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous watercolor fairy art of Brandy Martin!

Brandy Martin

Brandy Martin

Fairy Artist

I am a mother of three and currently reside, with my husband and kids, in Oregon, USA. I enjoy bowling, Nascar, hiking, sledding playing kickball with the kids, and hosting barbeque’s at my home. Most importantly, I am obsessed with faeries, though I enjoy fantasy of all kinds from books, to movies, to art. I am an untrained digital artist. I have never taken a photography class, or graphics arts class, and have no real training in digital arts. I was simply given the software by a friend and I’ve taken the time to explore it . Using real candid photos of my own children (and some of those taken of friends’ children) I have learned to manipulate these images into faeries.


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