Esther Remmington Fairy Art

The Fairy Gathering brings you the fabulous watercolor fairy art of Esther Remmington!

Esther Remmington

Esther Remmington

Fairy Artist

A professional Artist for over 7 years, Esther Remmington began drawing at an early age and she has persued her dream of a career as an artist ever since.

She qualified in graphic design but then spent many years working in retail, including a bookshop, where she managed the children\’s book department and gained some insight in the world of book publishing. All the while she continued to practice her skills in fine art, studying in her own time and developing a portfolio of fairy watercolour paintings. In 2006, she launched her first website and began offering prints of her images for sale.

Over the years her work has gained interest and evolved in style and quality. Her subject matter expanded beyond fairies and now includes a wide variety of fantasy, myth, magic and wildlife.

Her art has been published in several magazines including “Fae (Faeries And Enchantment)”, “The Magical Times”, “Pagan Dawn” and “Pentacle”. Her images have also been featured in calendars, festival flyers, logos and music albums.

Esther now works full-time as an Artist and Designer, selling her work internationally, developing her own range of products and handmade crafts. Popularity for her work continues to grow and her images are becoming well-known in the Faery and Pagan community.

“My inspiration for my art comes from the beauty of nature, my spiritual beliefs and my interest in fairytales, folklore and mythology. I mainly like to work with watercolours, acrylics or colour pencils but always enjoy experimenting with new media and techniques to further develop my art. Each image I create has it\’s own story to tell, an important message to share and I hope will evoke different emotions with you, the viewer.”

She currently lives in Essex, England, with her husband, leather craftsman Martin Winckles. They spend their time working together in their home studio and exhibiting at festivals around the UK.

“I find it very rewarding to meet fans of my work and connect with other artists and like-minded people. It is my belief that we should all follow our hearts and dreams. This is my dream, what is yours?”


Esther Remmington

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