Autumn Tutorial

by Marjolein Gulinski


Step 10, 11, 12:

It’s time to make the first step of the background. The leaves. Because the pencil is light I use brown color pencil to show the leaves better. And add a bit shadow.

Now use more colors on the leaves: dark brown, brown-red, brown-orange and green (a little)

And finish it with watercolor (brown with a lot of water)

Step 13:

The same with the leaves behind and the tree.

I think you can do this on your own now…

Step 13b:

This part is the most difficult. Detailing the whole picture. Add more shadow, and use some darker color pencils. Try to use no more water. This step took me 5 hours.

You see on this picture that I detailed the right site of her hair a bit more.

Step 14:

Here you will see how I detailed the picture. In the detail you really see the color pencil.

Step 15:


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  • Always wash your hands before start with the coloring.
  • Wait until the watercolor is dry. Otherwise the color pencil will not work well.
  • It’s cool to use salt on wet watercolor. (not on wet colored pencil)
  • Try this!! It’s very cool. (look for different short of salt, because some salt will work better than another)


Marjolein Gulinski



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