How to Protect Yourself Against Art Theft
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How to Avoid Art Theft

While you might not be able to stop an art thief, there are things you can do to make it a little harder for them.

Watermarks are a classic and effective way to do this. Your stuff might still get posted but it isn’t likely to be used for gain. If the person still wanted to use it and was a wiz at photoshop, they might still be able to get rid of the watermark. So it’s important to create a more complex watermark. Of course you don’t want it to take away from your art either, otherwise people don’t get to see the beautiful work you do.

To create a watermark, you can use just about any paint program, I of course would suggest photoshop. What you do is create a new layer over the image, use text and type what you want it to say. Chose black or white, depending on the image. If you can get a little design in there as part of your signature it will make it more complex. Some people even do things like 3D effects, or a drop shadow, which may not be bad, but it depends on your art. You don’t want to ruin your work. Some people put a big bar across it. Either way just drop the opacity to make the watermark a little lighter and voila! You have a watermark.

There are of course other ways of doing watermarks, some programs will do it for you. You would have to look into that, I’ve never looked for it myself. Be sure to place the watermark over a complex area, not on a white background, that’s just too easy for the thief!

Disable Right Click is another popular one. You will need some technical knowledge to be able to do this, there are also programs out there that will help you do this. Again I’ve never used those programs. While they help a lot and cut down on the theft, if someone really wants to get that image, they still can by going through the code.

Do you have another way of guarding your art? I’d love to hear it, just send me a message in the contact section.


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