How to Make Money From Your Artwork
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Create Your Own Products

You’ve already created the artwork, why not monetize on it. 2 good online companies are Cafe Press and Zazzle. Zazzle is still trailing behind Cafe Press in popularity, but it is growing. One of the biggest bonuses of Zazzle is it’s free to have a shop. With Cafe Press there is a yearly fee for having a shop. You can create small ones for free but you’d have to create a lot of them to make up a real store, and then it’s really confusing and annoying to your customer. I suggest going with Zazzle and promoting the products from your website/blog/etc. These companies do take a share of what you make, but it is a convenient and cheap way to do business.

By using one of those companies you can really extend your product line. You can create everything from clothes, hats, mouse pads, prints, coffee cups, jewelry boxes, bags, shoes, buttons, magnets and so much more! You have nothing to lose by trying a free shop.

If you don’t like the online idea there are usually places local to you that can do those same things. Check photo places, trophy stores, promotional stores, etc. But doing it that way means you have to do all the shipping too!

Make Jewelry

I’m sure you’ve seen artists coming out with their art as jewelry. The art is usually under glass or in a frame with a clear bezel on top. These are made by the artist, I don’t know of anyone who will do it for you. This does require your time and effort, but it can be well worth it. A good place to sell handmade jewelry is on Etsy, Ebay, your website/blog.

You can also find suppliers of the raw materials on Etsy which is helpful. There are also tutorials you can buy to learn the techniques. Good places to buy general jewelry supplies are Fire Mountain Gems and Artbeads.

You’ll need to decide how far you want to take this. There are things to consider before you plunge in, jewelry making can be more expensive then you realize, trust me I know. Will you want your necklace to come with a cord or a chain? Do you want to put it in an organza bag or a box? How will you ship it, small box or envelope? Will you add any personal touches, like a thank you card, ribbon, confetti, petals, tissue paper? Lots to think about. So think about those things first before you do this…and maybe get a tutorial first too, then you’ll know if you want to do this.

Create Online Tutorials

Another way to make money is through tutorials. There are many options for this. What would you teach about? Glad you asked, what are you good at? Is watercolor your thing? Perhaps polymer clay, oils, crafts, etc. are your area of expertise. Are you able to do something unique that others would like to learn about?

All you really need to do is write about the technique (with good language, no one wants spelling errors). You need to take good quality photos of the process you are teaching about (you can bet these are visual learners). Then you need to put it all together in a structured, easy to understand way. Putting the info into a PDF is a good option. You can also try Word, or InDesign for you techies.

You have a few options when selling it. You can use Mal’s E-cart/paypal to help sell this on your site as a download. You can also use Click Bank to help distribute your tutorial at a cost. You can also sell it on Etsy and email the file once you have received payment. You could also put it into print by using Lulu.

Licensing Your Art

You can allow others to use your art for things like fabric patters, psp tubes, ads, promotional products, etc. You decide what you want to charge and what the conditions are.


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