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ProfilePicHello, and welcome to the Fairy Gathering. My name is Holly Edwards. I created this site for fairy artists and fairy lovers.

Fairy, Faerie or Fae, whatever you call them they are a celebrated magical creatures from all over the world. They have shown up in myth and literature in many different forms. It is through art and literature that we are able to get a glimpse of these fantastical beings, they are the angels of magic, otherworldly beings. They are mermaids, the fairies of the sea.

I have loved fairies since I was a little girl. There are so many incredible artists out there who have depicted the fantasy and magic. Being an artist myself I appreciate the many artworks out there. This site is a symbol of my devotion to the faery and fantasy realm, both in art and in mythology.

You will also find mermaid and fantasy art as well. Mermaids, goddesses and fantasy are all part of the magic of the fairy realm.

In 2006 I graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in drawing. I immedietly began working in the graphic design industry and did so until early 2011. In 2008 I started creating jewelry in polymer clay. In late 2009 I received my Advanced Web Design Certificate. With my knowledge of web design I was able to create anything, but I loved creating art sites, either for other artists or for myself. I decided it was a good opportunity to honour my love of fairies and to help other fairy artists. I know how hard it is to get recognized in the art world.

My life has moved in directions that I never thought it would, there have been ups and downs to all extremes. Since I graduated from University I realized that the one thing I wanted in this life was to create art, and to make a living at it. Nothing would make me happier then to create art full time, in any form. I knew it was best for me to do something I loved. In early 2011 I decided to follow my passion in polymer clay. I created a Cake Topper business My Custom Cake Topper. My cake topper business and my jewelry line Fine Art Jewelry by Holly Edwards has allowed to me create art every day.

I hope that every artist achieves their dreams and follows their passion in life. Hopefully this website will help some artists do just that.

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